Learn Dutch! – Intensive individual courses

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Choose a 3-day course of 5 hours a day,

during which we will cover all the important basics of the Dutch grammar with writing, reading and conversation exercises and a written and oral test at the end, for only 149,95 euro’s. Apply here..


You can choose for an intensive week course,

of 7 highly interactive days, 3,5 hours a day, in which you will learn about Dutch grammar with extensive explanation, exercises, assignments for your own Dutch portfolio, conversation, listening, and reading. At the end of this week you will do a test, oral and written, after which you will receive a certificate – this course only costs you 299,95 euro’s. Click here to apply!


Go for our one-month intensive course,

50 hours, which will cover the same as the week-course, and more; you will work up to an intermediate level regarding reading, speaking and listening, and also dive deeper into Dutch grammar (you will learn how to construct long, complex sentences for example, and apply this in you own written/spoken story); at the end of the month-course you will be able to do a short presentation of 3-5 minutes, completely in Dutch! Price for this course: only 599,95 euro’s! Apply here!


Another benefit of these individual Dutch courses: you can follow them where and when you want! At home, at your favourite study spot etc. An experienced, native speaking instructor will be assigned to you, and after your registration is complete, you can start with planning your first lesson right away. All the courses can also be followed online.


3-day intensive Dutch Course
All the important basics of the Dutch grammar
Writing, reading and conversation exercises
5 hours a day
Test at the end
1-week course
7 highly interactive days
Dutch grammar, writing, conversation, listening, and reading
Extensive explanation
Your own Dutch portfolio
3,5 hours a day
Test&Certificate at the end!
1-month intensive course
Covers the same as the week-course, and more!
Work up to an intermediate level regarding reading, speaking and listening
Dive deeper into Dutch grammar
50 hours total
At the end you will speak Dutch!


If one of the above courses sparked your interest, don’t hesitate and if you want to start right away apply here to go Dutch with one of our unique courses!