U kiest voor de Learn Dutch-course van de Bijlesmaatschappij wegens de ervaren, native speaking experts, die uw werknemers zonder meer perfect en bruikbaar Nederlands zullen leren, op een leuke en effectieve manier.

Looking for a fun, affordable and effective Dutch course?

Follow the succesful and effective Learn Dutch!-course in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and many other cities. You are welcome as our new student! Whether you are looking to learn Dutch for work or ‘inburgering’, or just for fun, you are at the right place. Our group courses are designed for maximum results and maximum fun! Most students are able to write 100% flawless Dutch sentences after the first session alone. This is possible, because we work with native speaking experts from top school in the Netherlands and our aim is to teach you real Dutch – effectively and quickly. You will learn the language inside out!

In 3 hours a week you will be immersed in the Dutch language & culture, both actively and passively. By doing the unique assignments and following the dynamic & practical system – which makes the course suitable for all levels – you will get a grasp of the beautiful and complex Dutch language before you know.

De Bijlesmaatschappij is a company with 10 years of experience, we help children and adults on a daily basis with all their educational needs. Want to get started learning Dutch right away in your city of choice? Click here!


Learn Dutch from a native speaking expert at a professional location!


Our group course for only 297 euro’s consists of:

– A dynamic, interactive system; you will learn ready-to-use constructions and practical tools

Materials and exams included
– Regular revision and testing; you will stay motivated
– Sessions on different days, you can easily make up for a missed class.
– A native speaking expert instructors

– A free intake & assessment. Get a 10% discount if you sign up for Learn Dutch! with a friend or family!

READ WHAT OUR STUDENTS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT OUR LEARN DUTCH!-COURSE and get a peek inside our classroom here!


We love Dutch!

Dutch happens to one of our specialties – that’s why we offer low-cost courses in English for expats, internationals and everyone else interested in learning our language. Our team consists of experienced, native speaking instructors that love the Dutch language, they are experienced writers, reporters, poets and more and they can’t wait to share their love for Dutch with you! Click here for your FREE EXERCISE BOOK to get started with your Dutch journey.


YOur instructors are native speaking experts and they know Dutch society, culture and language like no other, since all of them are Dutch with a solid background in language and education. Click here to sign up for the Learn Dutch!-course immediately.


Learn Dutch Slide from the Learn Dutch!-course of de Bijlesmaatschappij
Learn Dutch Slide from the Learn Dutch!-course of de Bijlesmaatschappij


Fun and effective

Our courses are popular because of the group setting (7-13 students per group), the regular testing and the flexibility.  Our courses provide a complete training of every aspect of the Dutch language; every session we will look at Dutch grammar, conversation, pronounciation and much more. Our instructors adapt to the group and always make sure every student is equally involved. You can always make up for a missed lesson. You will have fun while learning Dutch!


Learn Dutch Slide from the Learn Dutch!-course of de Bijlesmaatschappij
Is it ‘de’ or ‘het’ auto?


Suitable for participants of any exam

Incorporated in the course are all the standard tests like inburgering, naturalisatie and other exams. Needless to say our course will cover all the known levels (A-C). We will make sure you will learn Dutch inside out, and leave every class with a smile.


Sign up here and we’ll get back to you to get started with learning Dutch, and start learning REAl Dutch!


Our Learn Dutch!-course benefits:

  • Less than 6 euro’s an hour, 3 hours a week
  • An experienced native-speaking instructor
  • Fun, effective & active group courses
  • Exams, personal assignment map & certificate
  • An easy to reach, professional location, after working hours and during the weekend
  • All levels

No hiddes fees, no funny business! Apply here.


After 3 months you will have at least an A1-level or even higher in Dutch. Want to know more and take a look inside your future classroom? Click here!


Would you rather follow affordable, intensive 3-day, week-, or one month Dutch courses? You’re at the right place! Prices are very affordable for these intensive individual courses. Find out more about individual Dutch courses…