Jayson: ‘Finally, a Dutch class where we actually DO something! I learnt so much after only one month, I feel comfortable speaking a little Dutch already!’, student, Amsterdam


Tynie: ‘Ihsaan is a very good teacher; I only follow his classes, because he explains it very well and I always understand what he is telling me!’, student, Amsterdam


Valeria: ‘I was able to write near flawless sentences after just two sessions!’, student, Utrecht


Naomy: ‘I think the course is very nice, also since they really adapt to your needs and level when necessary. I never leave a class unsatisfied!’, student, Utrecht


Gary: ‘In enjoyed every class I followed of the Learn Dutch!-course in Amsterdam!’, student, Amsterdam


Helen: ‘I think the Learn Dutch!-course is a very good initiative, and you can clearly see the instructors are not about the money – they really want to help you out!’, student, Utrecht


Martin: ‘The classes are very fun; we do everything and the course seems to be designed to really immerse you, the student, in the Dutch language, and that of course is very effective in itself.’, student, Amsterdam


Maniraju: ‘I signed up to prepare for my inburgeringsexamen and I am well on my way to ace it with this course and its incredibly helpful instructors; I am absolutely positive I will succeed!’, student, Amsterdam


Mittali: ‘What I like about the Learn Dutch!-course of de Bijlesmaatschappij is that you dive in the Dutch language immediately and start practicing with every aspect of it: writing, reading, conversation – it’s just great, incredible value for little money!’, student, Amsterdam

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